Expert signposting made simple
Click the play button to learn how Step will change the way you provide signposting and referral advice to your clients.

Expert signposting tools
Step provides your advisors with an intelligent assessment tool that finds highly-tailored options based on your clients needs and circumstances in minutes.
Unsurpassed data
Underlying Step is our AI-based data service, which enables us to build the most comprehensive mapping of UK services available, and keep this up to date and accurate.
Ensure the right people get referred to you
We make sure the people who you're best placed to help can find you. Step screens all referrals by your eligibility and access requirements to make sure we don’t bounce people between inappropriate services.
Frequently asked questions


Listing your organization on Step, and ensuring those who you're best placed to help can find you will always be free. To use the Step search to give signposting advice, there will be a subscription cost depending on how big your oganization is and the nature of the services you provide. We know money is often very limited for small orgnaizations, so just click 'get step' and we'll find a way of making it work.

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