Signposting advice isn’t easy

Giving high quality signposting advice when people’s needs go beyond what you’re able to provide is important. But it’s not easy.

People’s needs are often complex, so giving everybody a generic list of recommendations isn’t appropriate. But identifying the best option for them from the huge array of services available takes a lot of time.
Most advisors don’t have the years of experience required to build detailed knowledge of the local services available and the time to keep this knowledge up-to date.
Information in your signposting lists and online directories quickly goes out of date, resulting in clients being given the wrong information or bounced between services that aren’t able to help them.
Introducing Step

Our team of tech experts and charity sector researches have worked in partnership with both national and local charities, to give you a new approach to signposting advice.

Step is an advice tool that enables your team to provide high quality, tailored signposting advice in minutes - even if they have no training and aren’t tech-savvy.
How it works

The Step Data Service

Web scraping
In the background, our powerful data engine automatically scans the web to find charity and service websites. Using the power of artificial intelligence and our dedicated research team, we build and maintain an unsurpassed mapping of what’s available across the UK.
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The Step Advice tool
Phone Age form Spinner Options list Service list New message Help Plan Directions
An advisor captures some information about their client: the issues they need support with, their demographics, and any accessibility or support requirements they have.
Step instantly compares this profile against the huge array of possible service options, and intelligently finds a set of tailored recommendations.
Steps find a range of solutions, from which the best fitting services can be chosen
The advisor can then select options that the client wants to take forwards
A tailored Help Plan is created for the client, which can be printed, emailed or shared to the client’s phone.
The Help Plan gives them all the information they need to take their next step
The Help Plan includes contact details, opening hours, and live public transport directions.
What Step provides for you
Step can improve the quality of advice given to your clients, and with the Help Plan, make it as easy as possible for them to move forwards. Step gives them the best chance to transform their situation.
Since COVID-19, we've all had to find new ways of working remotely. Step can be used over the phone, webchat or 'self-service', and the Help Plan shared with your client either electronically or even posted.
Step can save your team time and money. We take away the burden of keeping on top of services, reduce the need for training, and make it quicker to find the right services for your clients.
Step gives you control over your signposting processes. Step provides powerful reporting tools to see what needs your clients have and where they’re being referred to, as well as tools to customize which services Step recommends.
Want to try Step?

Whether you're big, small or tiny, Step is for you. You can try Step for free by following this link:

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